10 Simple Suggestions On How To Grow Long Hair
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10 Simple Suggestions On How To Grow Long Hair

A woman’s locks are extensions of her beauty. No doubt, everyone wants long locks that are the ultimate accolade to our perceptions of beauty.

There are different possible ways to meet your long-winded hair goals. While most people pick up extensions as an option, it is as plain as a pikestaff that other hair care methodologies yield positive outcomes as well.

Your hair demands time. You can not have lustrous long hair unless you put in the effort to grow them.

And if you expensive shampoos and conditioners to increase the length and volume of your hair, well, that won’t solely help you achieve hip-grazing platinum locks.

Whether you had a bad haircut or for any other reason that you wish to know ‘how to grow long hair, here are ten simple lifestyle modifications that can accelerate the process.

The Old Fangled Scalp Massage

Sounds cliche, right? But trust us, the results will leave you in astonishment.

The science behind head massages is that it allows better blood circulation and relieves stress. Both these conditions are well-suited for faster hair growth. Habitually massaging your scalp using Castor, Lavendar, or some other hair oil keeps the hair moisturized and prevents frizziness to a great extent. Hence, it is always a good idea to oil your hair two to three hours before washing them.

Do Not Overwash

Shampoos make your hair dry. Hard water increases the effect.

Though it is essential to wash your hair twice or thrice a week, this certainly does not imply that you need to use it regularly. Applying shampoos, or any other hair product strips off the oil from the strands by exposing them to various chemicals. That’s when it back-pedals; You end up creating problems rather than solving them.

In addition to the above, filtering caps are a blessing in disguise.

Detangle Periodically

If you want to know how to grow long hair, this is something you should consider implementing. Just combing your hair won’t be sufficient. Brushing correctly is all that matters. While a paddle brush is suitable for women with thick hair, someone with naturally curly hair should use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Make sure you are not harsh to your hair and comb gently beginning from the stem up to the roots.

Down Scale The Heat

Your hair is more likely to get damaged if you use styling and heating equipment as a matter of course. Vitiating blocks the room for hair growth. Choose air drying instead of looking for your blower. This alteration increases the strength as well as the expanse of your hair.

Switch The Style

A repetitive hairstyle can put unnecessary pressure on a particular area of the scalp, and this routine might cause a breakdown. Therefore, try experimenting with your styles. It not only amps the beauty quotient but also obstructs injuring the strands. A low ponytail is never a bad friend!

Reassess Your Eating Habits

People who stick to a protein-rich diet will supposedly have smoother tresses than the ones who don’t. Our hair shaft is made up of Keratin, which is a class of proteins. And that is why including nuts and milk products is suggested by hair care experts from around the world. You can also try using some hair growth supplements with negligible ill effects and higher positive reviews.

How About Egg Treatment?

An organic lifestyle has no side effects since natural conditioners do not contain any irritants, unlike contrived hair products.

Apart from vitalizing your hair through proper intake of minerals, extrinsic care is also incumbent. Applying yoghurt, vinegar or egg, half an hour before washing your hair fosters impressive results. These ingredients serve as natural conditioners and help to avoid split ends and other circs which may impede the growth of your hair.

Chop, Chop, Chop!

Here, chopping does not mean fragmenting. Chopping refers to trimming. For people with split ends, this is more of a necessity than an option. Getting rid of the dead or damaged ends once in six to eight weeks promotes faster growth.


Now, this is a suggestion with significant scientific backing. For all those who are wondering how to grow long hair, here is your cue- loosen up!

Don’t let negative situations affect you and try not to be stressed. If you go with the flow, so will the nutrients ( to your hair). A stable mind ensures quicker hair growth.

Sleep Safe

To avoid the presence of friction between your hair and your pillow:

  • Tie your hair into a loose bun at night.
  • Use silk pillow covers: This modification prevents the hair from breaking and makes them less brittle.



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