5 Ways to Keep Your Body and Mind Fit
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5 Ways to Keep Your Body and Mind Fit

It’s important to keep your body and mind fit. Amidst all the work and busy schedules, we often neglect our health, skip our meals and even compromise our sleep. Doing so might give us quick results in the short term but only at the cost of our precious health. Nothing is more important than the health and that is exactly what keeps us moving. Therefore, if you want to keep your body and mind fit without putting too much time and effort into it, read the following easy tips and make them a part of your routine.

1. Fruit Basket on Table

We often skip eating fruit even when we have them in our refrigerator because they are not easy to access and we are always in a hurry to step out of home for work. Therefore, I would suggest you make a mixed fruit basket and keep it on the table or wherever you have your breakfast. This way, you will always end up grabbing fruit or two for breakfast and even taking a few along for lunch at work.

2. Sleep with Zero Distraction

Sleeping in a room where you have your TV in front, your laptop on the side table, your pager beeping and your phone ringing is the worst idea. An undisturbed night’s sleep is essential for the human mind and body to work properly. Therefore, make sure you either put all the devices out of your room or at least switch them off when you head to your bed to sleep. Do not compromise your night’s sleep for work, no matter how important it is. Also, keep a good-quality massage chair in your room and spend 15 minutes on it for mental and physical relaxation. Doing so will help you get much better sleep.

3. Socialize

For mental health and happiness, socializing is essential. Meeting your old friends at lunch and sharing about life helps you feel relaxed and happier. Plus, the mind gets a break from the entire stressful work environment. You get back to work with a much more positive attitude after spending quality time with people you love. Therefore, plan a meet-up with your close ones every now and then for some emotional support and energy boost.

4. Keep the Posture Right

Do your back and neck hurt after a long day’s work? If yes, it is about time to start working on keeping your posture right. Make sure your feet are flat on the ground while you sit and work and your back and head are straight as well. Leaning forward for too long or slouching causes an unbearable pain in the shoulders and other parts which you regret later. Also, it is better to get up from your seat after each hour of continuous work.

5. Keep Your Own Water Bottle with You

It is often quite a task to keep track of your water intake and therefore, you end up drinking less especially when you are busy and have no time to get up and grab a glass of it. Therefore, I would recommend you to buy a fancy water bottle of your own that you carry around with you everywhere. Fill it twice a day and finish it so that you are sure you had enough water for the day. If drinking plain water is something you don’t like, you can squeeze a lemon into it or add chia seeds for some taste and detoxification at the same time.

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