6 Self Care Ideas You Need To Try!
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6 Self Care Ideas You Need To Try!

The concept of self-care is strangely forgotten about or not even thought of. When your mental, emotional and physical health is being challenged, it’s essential to take matters into your own hands by finding things to do that will improve your overall mood.

These are 6 self-care ideas that I use to get me in a happier mood and reduce anxiety!

1. FaceTime Happy Hour

If you’re having one of ‘those’ weeks and you feel like you need to vent, call up a friend or someone you trust, pour up a drink and spill the tea! Venting helps alleviate tension and stress, ultimately leaving you feeling good afterwards.

2. Decorate/Clean your room

Your room is your sanctuary. A place for you to escape the stress of the outside world and truly be YOU. Whether it be a new throw pillow or a candle, find something that will make you happy every time you walk into your room. Cleaning your room allows you to reduce stress, be productive and leave you with a sense of accomplishment!

3. Read a book

When was the last time you picked up a really good book?

Find a nice, quiet space, sit down and indulge in the limitless, mind-intriguing genres that books have to offer. Reading can aid in reducing stress and alleviating depression. This is also a perfect way to build your vocabulary and get a good night’s sleep.

4. Create a shower/bath time playlist

Nowadays, my speaker and phone are essential shower time items.

What better way to enjoy your own company than by blasting your favorite songs while you wash up! Whether it’s taking a nice, warm shower or throwing a bath bomb into the tub, with the music up to a reasonable volume, you are sure to boost your confidence!

5. Exercise

Now is a time more than ever to get into the gym… or stay at home and work out (to be on the safe side). With the Coronavirus lurking about, regular exercise is not only essential to staying healthy but can also reduce stress during these horrific times.

Although I prefer to go to the gym, I don’t mind working out in my room to avoid spreading my germs to others. It might be hard however, patience and consistency are what I try to stick to.

6. Find a hobby

Self-care is about taking the time for yourself and doing something that makes you happy. Find the time to pick up a hobby that you can get lost in, whether it be big or small.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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