7 Best Easy Workout Plan For Men and Women

Workout plan!

Who doesn’t wants to look smart and fit in this modern era? Well, the answer is very simple, and it’s positive. But how many of them work to look smart and fit. Probably the answer is a mixer even very few people work on it. In this article, we will discuss a very deep workout plan and it’s applicable to anyone. We will discuss with equipment work out and non-equipment workout plan for Fitness.

But mostly we will focus on without equipment workout plan. So that anyone can work out form their home or anywhere. Now let’s take a quick and brief look in our workout plan from the beginning.

Work out Plan 1

Wake up early. Yes, you heard us right we said wake up early in the morning. Which is the most amazing part of your daily work out plan? Some of us wake up late because of late-night sleeping. Which is terribly bad for our health. According to physical scientist and doctors early rising is the best for health and start a new day in a good way. Some people have pride that early rising for poor people not for rich. But did you know the average millionaire wake up early at 4 AM? The Rock, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos the Amazon owner. They all get up at 4 am in the first part of the day…

Work out Plan 2

The second work out plan is very simple just walk. Yes, again you heard right just walk. Whenever you get time to start walking. And if possible walk in the morning. You might have heard that” Walking is the best exercise” and it’s true. So don’t hesitate to walk. Walking helps your body maintain balance and cheer up your whole body cells.

Work out Plan 3

Our third work out plan is push up. Do at least 10 push up a day. We are not saying you have to do it at one time. Push up not only helps your chest it also helps for your whole body. Even its work to increase your strength. At first, it will be hard for you but do it at least 10 in a day. Which means you have 24 hours to do just 10 push up. Just remember if you don’t change anything will change.

Work out Plan 4

If you are free of work and have money then just go and admit in a gym. Cancel your vacation for passing time to join a gym and work their three months at least. Then you will see the change not only in your body but in your thinking. No need to go there for six-pack go for your fitness. You will never want to sit in a wheelchair at the age of 45. So do it for not to be weak in age.

Work out Plan 5

Fifth our out plan is very simple if you don’t have time for the gym then follow work out plan-1,2,3 and rest of the plan.

The fifth of our plans is PLANK KNEE TWIST. It’s very easy and helpful. Just plank the knee and twist by rotating at hips. Simply just go to your push-up position and plank the knee and twist it. It’s very easy as it sounds easy. So don’t forget to plank the knee twist.

Work out Plan 6

Shoulder taps are our sixth work out plan. Sounds a little weird but it’s effective. Just simple as push up but don’t worry you don’t need to push up for this. Just go to push up position and touch your shoulder one by one hand. Just do simply the first touch right left shoulder with the right-hand then take it down. Then with left-hand touch right shoulder. Keep doing it one by one for 30 seconds.

Work out Plan 7

Run without moving is our seventh work out plan. Too much simple but very much effective. Just stand up and start running but don’t move. You might watch people running on a treadmill. As simple as you have to do it but without a treadmill. That’s why we named it run without moving.


Now in conclusion, just do this simple exercise at the home. And the result will come sooner than later. Remember nothing will change if you don’t change. Without daily work out you can’t reach your fitness goal. So follow our work-out plan daily. And we hope you don’t want to be a person who just dreams of a fit body but does nothing except sleep. In the dictionary of fitness, there is a motivational saying No Pain No Gain.

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