7 mistakes you’re probably making when you straighten your hair
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7 mistakes you’re probably making when you straighten your hair

Straightening your hair is very important if you want to look at your best all the time, but unfortunately, there are numerous problems that you encounter when straightening it, and because of that you might find yourself sometimes unable to perform straightening the right way.

1. You don’t start with the shower

You need to use a comb and gently brush the conditioner, then when you are out of the shower you need to avoid toweling that much, but instead go for the gentler approach as that is much better and more appreciated as well.

2. You don’t use the blowdryer in the right direction

The hair will frizz if you engage in using too much heat, but in the end, it’s up to you. The main idea though is to ensure that you avoid blowing out too much right out of the shower, and avoid keeping everything in the same place, as that is something you need to avoid at all costs. Blowing the hair dry is very important, and you are bound to get some astounding results at all times!

3. You don’t use a thermal protectant

Sizzling is the enemy, so you need to make sure that you use a thermal protectant when you have to deal with a lot of heat. Avoid any direct exposure to thermal energy, as you won’t like the results at all. Instead, to reduce this frizz factor, just make sure that you add the thermal protectant, as that will help you a lot.

4. The temperature is too high

When ironing your hair, it’s important to avoid the high temperatures, as those will usually damage your hair beyond repair. And since that is something you do want to avoid, make sure that you start with lower temperatures and then crank up the heat.

5. You are not sectioning

It’s important to section the hair at all times, because this avoids overheating and other similar issues. Avoiding section is a mistake that many of us do when straightening our hair, and because of that we need to make sure that we avoid such a thing at all times.

6. The finish is damaging

Many of us tend to think that finishing products are not ok when in reality they are exactly the opposite. Using finishing products is imperative if you want astounding results, so don’t hesitate to use this kind of product, because you do need it to obtain good results.

7. You have the wrong type of flat iron

There are many types of flat iron, they come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s imperative to make sure that you purchase one which does suit the needs of your hair. Only with the proper flat iron you can get good results, keep that in mind.

In conclusion, many of us do these mistakes when using flat iron, so we have to ensure that we eliminate or solve them. With the proper help, we are bound to get astounding results, so don’t hesitate and try to implement these as fast as possible to get the best outcome possible!

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