8 Healthy Morning Habits For A Positive Mindset
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8 Healthy Morning Habits For A Positive Mindset

Having a great morning routine in place often helps set the tone for our entire day, this is why it is so important to set one up! As we start off each day, we want to remove any worries of the past days and look ahead feeling refreshed. In this post, I am going to share with you some healthy morning habits that I like to include in my morning routines. Although it is not necessary to include all of these habits, choosing to include a few of them in your daily morning routine will help you build and maintain a positive mindset!

Read At Least 5 Pages Of A Non-Fiction Book Every Day

Reading something positive that encourages your personal growth is one of the best ways to start off your day! When you read non-fiction books of the “self-help” genre, you are almost always learning something new about yourself. It encourages you to slow down and focus and in turn reduces your stress. It’s not always easy to read an entire chapter in the morning, especially when you have young children, so committing to reading at least 5 pages is a wonderful place to start!

Say Daily Affirmations

Affirmations are short, positive statements with a goal stated in completion, or as a truth. “I am beautiful,” “I never give up,” and “Everything I do is fun, healthy and exciting” are a few examples of affirmations you can tell yourself daily. Often we repeat to ourselves all the negative things that could happen and ruin our mornings just by our thoughts. Saying daily affirmations when you first wake up allows your mind to find focus on the positive for the day.

Write “Morning Pages”

Morning pages are something that I learned about through a book called “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron. Basically, it is a habit that you build of sitting down every morning and journalling at least 3 pages of whatever is on your mind. Seriously! It doesn’t matter what you write or if it even makes sense, you just write anything and everything down. The point of this habit is to allow you to dump all thoughts that may be weighing you down and start your day off with a fresh and clear mind.

Start Off Your Day Without Looking At Your Phone

These days everything is accessible in the palms of our hands. We often tend to start off the day by picking up our phones. Whether we scroll through social media and look at all the “perfect” bodies and families or we open our phones and view all the news for the day, this sort of digital clutter can start us off with a negative mindset. Instead, choose to keep your phone on silent for the first hour that you are awake and really focus on your intentions for the day.


Meditation is the practice of clearing your mind and becoming aware with yourself in the present moment. This habit allows you to start of your day stress-free and more in tune with the now. You should find a quiet space to sit down with your spine straight and eyes closed. It helps to really focus on your breathing as you clear your mind. Meditation can be done for 5 minutes or it can be done for an hour. However long you choose to practice all depends on you and your own schedule.

Do Stretches Or Yoga

Starting off your morning with the habit of stretching or practicing yoga is a great way to relieve physical tension in your body. It relaxes your muscles and helps increase blood flow in your body. Stretching also releases endorphins in your body which help you to maintain a happy and positive mindset!

Listen To Feel Good Music

One of my favourite things to do in the morning is to listen to music that makes me feel good! Many people feel an instant emotional connection to music, so when we choose to play music that makes us feel good in the mornings, we can trigger a happy or relaxed emotion within us. Whether you use Apple Music or Spotify, there are many places you can search for upbeat and uplifting playlists that will help you start the day off right!

Create A Morning Skincare Routine

A final must-have in my morning routine is the habit of going through a skincare routine. I always feel more alive and refreshed after I’ve cleansed my skin in the morning and applied some vitamin C serum! Creating a morning skincare routine can also be a simple way to get yourself more used to forming habits. One good habit can lead to another! I have found that even something as simple as splashing water on my face in the morning is enough to waken me up and prevent that early morning fatigue!

We all want to start off our days with the best attitude possible, so I hope that this article gave you somewhere to start! Whatever you choose to add to your morning routine, remember that the most important thing is that it puts you in a positive mindset!


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