DIY Skincare Tips for Proper Make
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DIY Skincare Tips for Proper Make

The application of makeup is solely dependent upon the skincare routine that you follow every day. The finished look after you apply makeup to your skin can be enhanced if you follow appropriate DIY skincare tips and make a plan. If you do not follow a good skin care plan, then the end result might not be the best. Changing a few habits in your skincare routine can guarantee you far better results and a simpler but effective application of makeup.

Wash Your Hands Before Washing Your Face

Always make sure that you wash your hands before washing your face. Many people make the mistake of washing their faces before their hands. This way, many infections can reach the skin of your face. Proper hygiene should be a vital ingredient in every step towards a proper skincare routine. Apart from your hands, also make it a habit to clear every brush before using it.

Apply Moisturizer

A light moisturizer that contains protection from UV rays can prove to be the best inclusion in your makeup routine. This moisturiser can show the best results if applied in the morning. The early application time can show far better results because this allows the moisturizer to absorb in your skin for an adequate time.

Skin Cleansing

Amongst the DIY skin care tips, cleansing is very important. Before applying makeup, make sure that you cleanse your skin. This is the first step to starting your makeup, and it ensures that your skin is clean before you apply any foundation. It is recommended to cleanse your skin in a two-process method in the nighttime. A cream cleanser is the best to remove makeup. Apply the cleanser with the help of a soft cotton ball, while ensuring that the amount is distributed evenly.

The application of toner should be made very carefully. Make sure that you avoid the area near your eyes. Toner is a very good option if you have oily skin. Use it specifically on the forehead and the region around the nose. This area is often more oily than the rest of your facial skin. The toner and cleanser that you choose must be relative to your skin type. After deep cleansing, it is best to use a good moisturizer to renew the natural glow of your skin.

Make hygiene your priority

Proper hygiene should be a vital factor in every step towards skin care. Make it a habit to clear every brush before using it. Always make sure that you discard the cotton balls after using them once. Make sure that your makeup products are clean and stored in a place that is dust free.

Choose Reliable Products to Protect Your Skin

Always make sure that the products you select are of a reputable brand. Also, keep a keen check on your skin type and choose products accordingly. Choosing a good sun block would go a long way to protecting your skin from harmful sunrays. However, do make sure that you choose a proper SPF level of sun block before purchasing it. In the summer season, the sun’s rays can destroy and darken your skin. A fifteen or above the level of SPF can provide maximum protection to your skin.

Exfoliate the skin of your face

Another important aspect of skin care is to exfoliate the skin of your face. This helps to remove the dead cells that appear on the surface of your skin. A gentle scrubbing agent can help to remove the blackheads and these dead cells of your skin. Do not apply excessive rubbing as it can cause rashes. Once you do the scrubbing of your face, you’d be in a position to better judge how much rubbing has to be applied.



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