Facts On How Pets Improve Our Health

Facts On How Pets Improve Our Health

You have probably already noticed that you feel so much better after spending some quality time with your furry little friends, right? Well, it is no secret that our pets help improve our health as well as our overall mood, and if you are interested in the positive effects they have on us, just continue reading!

Of course, those who are planning to have a new addition to the family, a pet, should have a vet close by.

Pets are eternally grateful to their owners and they will offer unconditional love.

1. Healthy heart

Many of you might have already heard about the fact that dogs can make your heart much stronger, and dog owners tend to be less likely to get heart disease. However, many of you surely wonder as to why that is. Well, having a dog means that you will be way more active, and just by walking more you will have a lower blood pressure, which will help with any heart problems.

In one study, it was proven that people who owned a dog were less likely to die from a heart attack (after they’ve already had it). Those with serious abnormal heart rhythms tend to live much longer if they are dog owners.

2. No stress

As it was mentioned, pets lighten up the mood, and that also means getting rid of stress. If you lead a stressful life, just petting your dog or a cat will make you feel much better. Pets can lower your blood pressure which will help your body relax, as well as cut down on the stress hormone levels. In addition, petting soothes your pets and allows you to bond with them.

3. Better Social life

If you do not go out much, and you’d like to socialize more, then you might want to get a dog. They are incredibly social beings who require regular walks, which means that you will have to go out, and eventually talk to other people who are probably walking their dogs just like you.

However, just like your pup, cat or other pet takes care of your health, you need to do the same for them. So, if there are any problems, do not hesitate to visit the licensed East Ryde vet like Vet Hospital, or simply call your local vet and schedule an appointment for your furry little friend.

Cats also make great family pets

4. Much better mood

People who own pets tend to be much happier, and more trusting. They rarely feel alone, since they are never truly alone, which highlights their mood. In addition, people who own pets are known to visit their doctor less often, which is a good thing. Our pets give us a sense of belonging and meaning, you get to take care of a being that loves you unconditionally.

5. Better immune system

Children, who grow up with a family pet in their first year of life, are known to have fewer issues later in life. Their immune system gets much stronger, and they are less likely to get allergies or asthma. Ideally, before your baby is six months old, you might want to introduce a new pet to the family, as pets can benefit children a lot.

Final word

Besides bettering the immune system of our children, dogs are also great for kids’ mental and physical health overall. They are great for kids with special needs, and they will teach the little ones about empathy and responsibility. Animals change the environment for the better, so make sure to choose a pet that suits your and your kid’s lifestyle!


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