Habits that Make You Lose Weight While You Sleep
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Habits that Make You Lose Weight While You Sleep

Habits that Make You Lose Weight While You Sleep


As we begin our weight loss journey, we become more and more aware of the various factors that can hinder or boost our progress. While diet, exercise, and good habits are undoubtedly beneficial for a healthy effect on life, questions arise about how essential sleep is to lose weight.

So does sleeping help you lose weight? There have been numerous studies that show how good, consistent night’s sleep can help our bodies function at optimal levels, having a huge impact on weight loss and maintenance.

There are certain habits, very easy to acquire, that help you burn calories during the hours of sleep.

When we want to lose weight, the most common thing is that we focus all our energies on those things that we can do during the day, such as watching our diet or taking care when doing physical exercise. And it is clear that these things are essential to maintain a good lifestyle and achieve a healthy weight. But there are also ways to burn calories that require less effort. And yes, best of all, sleeping is one of them. Follow these tips, and burning calories overnight will be easier than you might think.

Prepare healthy and not very large dinners

Sometimes we are able to control very well what we eat during the day, but when night comes we relax and dinner may become the most caloric meal of the day. In other words, it is more tempting to have a tasty hamburger with potatoes before bed than at any other time of the day. That is why we must try not to lower our guard at dinner time.

The more we eat before getting into bed, the longer it will take for our body to metabolize food. It also affects the release of growth hormones, which takes place during deep sleep. The consequence is that the food we have eaten is then stored as fat and not as fuel.

Try to consume at least a third of your daily calories before noon and you will have more energy, less hunger the rest of the day and less chance that what you eat will be transformed into fat.

Get a lot of sleep and do it in a cool environment

Sleeping is a pleasure, and if you do it for a minimum of 7 hours each day you will not only feel more rested, it will also increase fat loss. In addition, you should avoid an excessively hot environment at bedtime, because low temperatures can help you burn more calories while you rest.

The reason is that in a cool environment, the body works to stay warm, and to achieve this it needs to consume the fat that you have accumulated. In summer it is more difficult to achieve a rather cool temperature, but in winter you only have to regulate the heating to achieve it.


Get some exercise during the day

Cardio and resistance exercises promote weight loss while we sleep, especially if we do them a few hours before going to bed. Obviously, the very fact of doing sports will help you stay in shape, but it will also help you to rest better and that you can meet the minimum number of hours of sleep, ensuring a good rest. You don’t have to go to the gym, but you can replace it with long walks in the afternoon or a little workout at home.


Help yourself sleep well

A good rest, that will replenish you from the long day and help you burn fat, is not achieved just by getting into bed and closing your eyes. For starters, keep electronic devices, especially your smartphone, out of the bedroom. According to a study carried out by the University of Manchester, the light emitted by this type of device interrupts the production of melatonin, and as a consequence our metabolism is destabilized.

In addition, you can get a deeper sleep if you have tea before going to bed. Look for an infusion that feels good to you and that helps you connect with an environment that predisposes you to rest and promotes a restful sleep. Thus, while you are in the arms of Morpheus, the fats accumulated in your body will have the optimal conditions to disappear.

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