How to change your skincare routine for autumn
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How to change your skincare routine for autumn

Yes, there is such a thing as a skincare routine for autumn! So, wipe that smirk off your face and read on. Your skin is exposed to the environment, so a change in the weather condition will definitely have an impact on your skin.

As we all know, a skincare routine is vital for glowing and healthy skin. We do also know that we should have a routine that cuts across any weather condition or skin type. Typically, basic routines like washing your face daily, not sleeping with makeup on, or applying SPF daily to your skin amongst others do not change.

The Autumn season is much drier than the summer months, which is more humid, therefore, your skin is bound to be drier, and you may have noticed this already.

In working out your skincare routine for autumn or fall (depending on where you are), there are some habits that you need to incorporate into your routine, most of them are emphasis some habits that you practice already, if you have a good routine:

  1. Drink lots of water and use your serum (see why you need a face serum) for hydration. This weather is definitely dry and about to get drier as we go into winter.
  2. It is time to start treating your skin for any harm caused during the summer. Possibly due to over exposure to sunlight.
  3. Improve on your moisturiser. Look closely at your #shelfie and bring out those cream-based moisturisers. You could also use oil-based moisturisers to inject moisture into your skin.
  4. Avoid alcohol-based products. You would also want to avoid products that strip the oil away from your skin. Naturally, your skin is producing less oil at this point.
  5. This needs to be overemphasised. You need to wear your sunscreen all year round, regardless of what the weatherman says. Protect, protect, and protect your skin from the sun FAM!
  6. Keep your exfoliator handy to help with dull appearances. At this point, we already know the importance of using a serum and moisturiser in this weather. When you do not exfoliate your skin, it blocks the penetration of your serum and moisturiser. Exfoliate twice a week
  7. Do not forget the lips. Exfoliate your lips regularly, and use a lip balm instead of petroleum jelly.

Do you have a skincare routine for autumn or fall, or is this all new to you?

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