How to Do Skincare During Summer
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How to Do Skincare During Summer

While we were making plans for the summer, it is just around the corner. In this transition season, we just took care of our weight. While we were doing sports, Pilates, jogging, and yoga summer arrived. So now it is time for us to crown our sport-based pink cheeks with some sunbath. I admit that all of us want to be a little bit lazier in the summer but skincare can’t be neglected in fact we have to be tenderer with our skin during summer. Now you make it practical to do skincare with easier products and enjoy your summer more.

Get your skin ready for the summer!

Since summer is the season in which we lose water more, the ingredients of products that we use will also change. With some fruit-based peeling applications while you get tanned you also keep your skin smooth in summer.

I feel like I am seeing people who have dry skin problems while the weather is getting hotter and hotter.

You can make your skin stop rejecting the makeup you are applying by using water-based products, specifically you shouldn’t be using the products you use in winter. Isn’t it a buzz kill when your make-up washes off in the summer? Nobody is becoming a clown this summer: Give your skin the moisture that it needs by using water-based products.

Let’s Take “Sun Shower” Instead of Sunbath

The glamour of tanned skin is not questionable that is why we want to take long hours of sunbath but let’s take in enough amount it so we don’t see our wrinkles at early ages. Prefers UVA and UVB filtered products before going outside. Since light-textured products are easier to absorb, your skin will not reject them or they will not get spread. Since most of the new products have Anti-aging ingredients you don’t even have to go out to get the right treatment for your skin. You can prefer under-eye and face creams that contain Anti-aging and sunscreen agents. And if you will get sun-kissed then great!

Moisture Your Skin before It Gets Thirsty

Because of the sun, temperature and sports that we do, our body loses a lot of water and this costs us our skin to dry. Drink a lot of water and help your skin to get moisturized from the inside also use moisturizers on in to keep the balance between in and out.

Who wants to get peeled while getting tanned right? If your body doesn’t have enough water you will get peeled right away. To prevent your skin to get peeled you have you be protected step by step, first you can start with SPF 50 sunscreen and in the following days you can use SPF 30 and 15, respectively.

Since sunscreen loses its protection rate by 50% you should consume it during the year you opened it or you can buy travel-size products. You will see that your skin gets tighter and not getting peeled when you keep moisture balanced. There are special products for the people who do sports activities during summer. So, it is sure that you can find a proper product for yourself.

Pay attention to moisturising your skin after the sun as much as you do before. After a shower, spoil your skin with fruit or sugar-scented, light textured, water-based skin care products.

Feed Your Skin from Inside

Complete your skincare with your healthy food habits during summer. Instead of eating heavy, oily foods try to eat light and digestible meals. Try to avoid fizzy or sweetened beverages and drink water instead. In fact, slice some fruit and lemon put them inside your water, add some mint leaves and Voila!

Now you can drink your fresh and healthy drink! Prefer eating fruits and vegetables that contain more vitamin A, C and E than the others. Drink more mineral water to keep your mineral rate in balance. Put some fruit if you think it tastes too heavy.

For to enjoy your tanned body, prefer food supplements with beta carotene. Both you will get the vitamins that your body needs and you keep your tanned skin without going under the sun more. Beta carotene is the precursor of vitamin A so give some space for yellow and orange vegetables, fruits and grains then you will see the difference on your skin.

Pay Attention to Skincare Products

If you are using peeling products for your sensitive and troubled skin during the winter days, it’s better to say goodbye to them for a while because using skincare products that remove the layers from your skin while being exposed to the sun will cause permanent blemishes.

Lighter Clothes

Try to prefer natural textured clothes. Since nylon-based or cheap products will make you sweat it cause your skin to have rashes or irritation. Besides, when you sweat these products will make your pores fill up with sweat, as a result, you might get pimples.

Don’t ask yourself “where these pimples are coming from?” in the middle of summer. Wear your clothes according to season. In summer try to wear lighter and natural textured clothes.


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