How to grow hair faster in a month

Hair is an integral part of our body and our looks. And in today’s world with polluted water, a dirty climate and many more thing, we are damaging our hair and prohibiting its growth. So now for saving our hair from damage, we need to protect them and nourish them. And as hair matters most for our looks so, we can’t let them go with such ease. So for healthy hair continue reading the best 5  hair growth tips.

1. Oil Your Hair Regularly

The very first thing that we need to do for our hair is oiling. And it is the step that is totally free of cost and very much easy. But will give you the maximum output. Actually in today’s world with the use of so many hair products we need to give our hair nourishment. And only oil can give you the best nourishment for your hair.

Now the problem comes when you will oil your hair, your whole look will be ruined with oily hair. Don’t worry this is not the problem. Just follow what I am saying, you don’t need To apply oil in the morning or the whole day. Just apply oil 5-10 minutes before going to the bed and rinse in the morning.

2. Don’t Use Shampoo Daily

Another problem we are making is shampooing our hair daily. Here we need to understand why it is harmful as shampoo is made for the wellness of our hathe hair.

The work of shampoo is to make our hair clean. Cleaning means removing dirt, carbon, oil, dandruff etc. And our scalp releases some oils that are very good for our hair and by shampooing daily we remove that oil.

Further, in 24 hours our head doesn’t get that dirty so we don’t need to shampoo it daily. Another reason is that shampoo contains a lot of chemical compositions that are not harmful but not that much useful also.

3. Add vitamin E oil to your oil before oiling once a week

Another important component needed for hair to give them a better growth is vitamin E. By default hair gets the Vitamin C from the body. But in today’s modern world of fast foods and other varieties of foods, Vitamin E availability is not enough infor body.

Now what we need to do is just to bring Vitamin E Capsules from Medical Store. Now the question arises how to apply it externally? No problem keep on reading.

Follow the below steps…

  1. Pour some oil that you use into a small bowl.
  2. Take out the one capsule from Wrapper and open it by twisting it from both sides.
  3. Bring out the liquid-filled Capsule and add it to the oil and shake well
  4. Apply to complete head, scalp, and hairs and keep it the whole night.
  5. Shampoo in the morning.

Just so simple…

Let us move on to other Hair Growth Tips..,

4. Use egg once a month for your hair

The egg is another very good source of nourishment as it boosts hair growth and also prevents rainfall by making hairs strong. Once a month just go to market and bring 1 normal egg. Just break it and bring out all the liquid along with the yellow part in a bowl. Shake it well and make a uniform solution of that liquid part and yolk.

When you finish making the solution just apply it to your hair well and then keep it for 3 hours approx and rinse with the water. But remember do not shampoo just rinse with water normally and let them dry. Then at night apply oil to your hair and shampoo in the morning. You will feel your hair silkier, more strong.

5. Don’t apply hair products daily

Last but not least Hair Growth Tip.  It is the main issue of today’s world. As we see that most of us use different types of hair products like Gel, Wax, Spray etc. These are all things that are used for giving hair a better and more sexy look. But these products don’t contain any nourishment so, they don’t give any benefit to our hair. But if used regularly without taking care they will damage our hair growth, strength etc.

So for that, we should avoid using these products daily. We can use them whenever there is something special like You are going on date, to a party. And if You are following the above tips regularly you can even use these products once or twice a week without any damage.

So above we have discussed the best 5 tips for our hair. And if you follow these tips you will feel a lot of improvement in your hair growth, quality and density.


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