How to have a Skincare Routine
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How to have a Skincare Routine

Now, let us talk about your skincare routine! After my first introductory post to the blog, it is only natural that we get down to business.

Now, before you continue reading, it is important for you to realise that like most things in life, consistency is key. For you to see a difference you have to keep at it for at least four weeks. I say this because having a routine is pointless if you are not consistent in keeping your face clean and clear.

The perfect skincare routine is divided into three subtopics, and they are:

  • General routine tips for all skin types
  • The different skin types and preferable products and practices, and
  • The frequency guide to having a perfect skincare routine


  • Drink lots of water, exercise regularly, sleep well, and take your vitamins. All am saying here, is to make a conscious effort to stay healthy! It does reflect on your skin.
  • Avoid hot showers for your face and body because they cause drying and can be harsh to your skin. On the other hand, warmer water loosens the dirt on your skin
  • Cleanse your face regularly. Wash your face squeaky clean twice a day. Washing before bed is a necessary part of your skincare routine. This is where most people struggle, especially after a long day.
  • DO NOT WEAR YOUR MAKEUP TO BED! This is a public service announcement please, and if you have been doing this; you better stop now, or I will snitch on you and tell your mum!
  • Do not just use any soap, know your skin type and what works for you. See below for the best kind of products to use based on your skin type.
  • When washing, massage your face in an outward circular motion from the centre of your face. This helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You should spend more time on your t-zone and other places that produce more oil.
  • Exfoliate your skin regularly. They are used to get rid of dead skin cells and clean out your pores. However, be gentle on your skin when exfoliating, they still do the work. It is not intended to scrap your skin out! Face masks too also improve the appearance of your skin.
  • Use a serum that is right for your skin. The serum is used to prevent acne and penetrates into your skin to strengthen your skin cells.
  • Use a toner. It balances your skin and unclogs pores.
  • Moisturise your face to hydrate and soften your skin.
  • Do not pop those pimples. Use a concealer if it bothers you. They leave scars when you pop them. If you have really bad acne, it might be a good time to see a dermatologist.
  • Try to use water-based makeup. They hydrate your skin tone and blend nicely with your pores.
  • Avoid expired products. Also, avoid using your products for a long period. Hey, it is time to de-clutter!
  • Hygiene. This may sound cliché but avoid sharing makeup and makeup tools with others.
  • Stop touching your face! This may be a habit and will be difficult to stop. Nevertheless, just like any habit, take baby steps and be intentional in what you do.
  • Know your skin type. Trust me when I say, it makes life so much easier. You now know what to do, the kind of products to get and the best ways to use them.

Different Skin Types

Dry Skin. In simple terms, your skin is flaky, scaly or rough.

Use a gentle and calm cleanser. The chemicals in these products would dry out your skin the more. Also, just like any skin type, stay hydrated!

Oily Skin is typically shiny, greasy, and may have big pores. Use an oil-free foaming cleanser, and rinse with plenty of warm water.

Use lightweight and oil-free moisturiser, so it does not block your pores.

Use a toner that does not irritate your skin. They help remove extra oil to keep excess shine away.

The combination is dry in some spots (cheeks), and oily in others (forehead, t-zone), find cleansing products that work for you. You do not want to take off natural oils from the dry areas and clog the oily areas.

Sensitive skin. You have sensitive skin when your skin (stings, burns, or itches) after applying makeup or product.

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and rinse with warm water. Avoid products with alcohol, and acid. Use calming ingredients like camomile, green tea, and aloe Vera.

Normal skin is balanced, clear and not sensitive. Find skin care products that work for you.

The Guide to a Perfect Skincare Routine

  • Your monthly skincare routine should consist of a professional facial treatment. Pamper yourself and go get some facials in. Your skin feels great, and you feel good! It is a win-win. Personally, I also thread my eyebrows bi-weekly too.
  • Weekly: exfoliate and use a facemask at least 1-2 times a week. Remember to find what works for you and stick to it.
  • Daily: cleanse, tone, apply serum, and moisturise your face daily. Another crucial thing is to stay hydrated. Have you had water today? Drink up, please.

As often as you can, wipe your phone, you would be surprised with the amount of dirt on your mobile phone. Practise the habit of not touching your face.

This is really important, and I have to say this again. Be patient with your routine. They say Rome was not built in a day. Give yourself an opportunity to experience a different you. For optimum results, 4-6 weeks is ideal.

Having that perfect skin is not genetic. It is all in cultivating the best habit. Find a simple routine that works best for you. It does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Lastly, listen to your skin! If your skin is reacting to a product, switch it up.

Do you know your skin type? Did you find this post useful, and what’s your skincare routine like? I think it is time to move this conversation over to the comment section! I will be waiting for you there.

See you soon!

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