Important Keys to Health Recovery

Important Keys to Health Recovery

Important Keys to Health Recovery

Having overcome ill health and poor mobility myself, along with working within the field of health recovery, I have picked up on some of the most important and essential elements to health recovery and the process of regaining your health that I want to share with you today.

By recovery here I mean reaching the best state of health that is possible for you, for your ultimate wellbeing and in being able to manage any long term conditions to the best of your ability, and also managing one’s disease, getting rid of health issues. So that then you can ultimately have the best state of life possible and achieve all you set out to do, whatever this may mean for you.

Everyone’s recovery journey is slightly different but these elements are essential in maintaining good wellbeing and some appear very obvious but are often lacking to some degree when we are struggling health-wise.

Have a stable and safe place to live and exercise.

Health Recovery

Drink plenty of water

Maintaining your hydration is absolutely number 1, we cannot function well at all if we are dehydrated, We will tire easily and put ourselves at risk of burnout and other illnesses.

Think Positively to support recovery

Focus on the good in life more than the negative, this has a very positive effect on your immune system, in addition the more you think positive the more positive you notice around you.

Eat nutritious food

Make healthy choices: Get plenty of fruit and vegetables and adequate sources of protein for muscle growth and repair. It is also essential for your energy levels to eat at regular intervals, small meals every 3-4 hours is ideal. In addition to cut sugar down to a minimum, it causes chaos in our bodies which can hinder the recovery process

Exercise regularly

Daily 20 mins minimum – or whatever you can manage to support physical health by starting with if your health is very poor, ideally a minimum of 40 mins a day if you are in better health (however something is always better than nothing).

For your body to be functioning effectively your blood circulation needs to be functioning well, if we sit/ lie down all day this is more difficult to happen. However if your confined to a chair or bed there are still movement exercises you can do that will help. For muscle aches and pains, certain yoga exercises are a perfect starting point.

Laughter helps to keep mental health

Laughter is excellent medicine, enjoy seeing the humorous side of things and watching things that make you laugh more often than anything else. (My personal opinion would be avoid watching anything too negative such as the news all together.) Replace it with things that make you feel good

Surround yourself with people who provide support you, encourage you and believe in you

This is essential so that you can keep going on your recovery journey a lot easier and know that you have the support and encouragement you need. Too much negativity can bring you down and halt your progress significantly. Focus on those who believe in you and your goals and also those who have overcome similar difficulties.

Believe in yourself and your goals with absolute conviction and never give up

A recovery journey can be a difficult one and you will need absolute certainty and belief in yourself that you can do it and believe that you can. I can tell you now that with the right tools and firm conviction you can and will make it.

Regular Meditation heal mental illness

When your mind is clearer then you are more relaxed, this will help your body and mind to recover and for you to bring your focus on feeling well again. A simple breathing meditation for just 5 minutes a day can make a big difference.

Behavioral health care tip: Gratitude

Focusing on all you have to be grateful for brings your focus on to all that is already good in your life instead of the difficulties that may have previously taken up your focus. This change in focus can work like magic in your life in helping you to feel better and more positive about life in general.

Be kind to yourself today and everyday, you deserve to be treated well.

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