Practice These Sports to Lose Weight
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Practice These Sports to Lose Weight

If you practice these sports and exercises daily you will lose weight more

Losing weight is one of the main challenges for most, so it is important to know what activities experts recommend the most.

First of all, it is essential to make it clear that there are no magic formulas. In other words, the only way to lose weight in a healthy way is by having a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Of course, you always have to take into account different factors such as age, sex or weight of the person, since these affect crucially when it comes to removing fat.

Although not all exercises and sports work the same for everyone when it comes to losing weight, there are several sports that almost equally work perfectly for everyone.

4 sports to lose weight

Running: Running is an infallible classic when it comes to losing fat and, furthermore, one of the most recommended. Running is a complete sport that you can practice at your own pace and that involves significant physical effort. And, according to the expert, despite being somewhat harmful to our knees, running can burn around 1200 calories per hour.

Cycling: It is a very simple sport to put into practice and in which resistance basically prevails. Your physical effort will vary tremendously based on speed, terrain, and many other issues. But, if it’s combined with flat circuits, steep slopes, close to 600 calories can be lost per hour.

Paddle: One of the fashionable sports that, although it does not require as much side-to-side scrolling as tennis, the fact of continuously going up and down the net, as well as squatting, makes it one of the best group activities to lose weight. At an upper-intermediate level you can burn up to 600 calories per game hour.

Swimming: It is the sport for excellence as far as the well-being of the back is concerned, but it can also be the best ally to lose weight, since it allows us to burn 700 calories per hour at an intermediate rate and.

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