Tips To Relieve Your Anxiety

Tips To Relieve Your Anxiety

Anxiety is something that we all have, but it’s not something that everyone has to suffer from. A lot of people have reasonable anxiety, but for others, anxiety can be something that goes way too far and is an exaggerated version. I fall right in the middle. These tips aren’t from a medical perspective, these are simple tips that I find have helped me remain in the middle. If you’re on a similar level as me in terms of anxiety, this should help you. But if you’re someone at the higher end of the spectrum, it’s a good idea to talk to a medical professional as well as apply these tips to your everyday life.

Make Sure You Tell Someone You’re Close With About How You’re Feeling So They Can Help

This is my first point because this is the most important! Another fact for you: you can’t battle this alone, it will just make things worse. So grow some balls and tell at least one of your loved ones about how you feel. You should tell your significant other too because you don’t want your anxiety to get in the way of the relationship at all. You must have someone to discuss you’re feelings with as this can be a massive weight off of your shoulders. Also, it’s an excuse to get more cuddles in too because it’s proven that cuddles are stress relievers!

Think About The Positives in Your Life

When you’re having a bit of a moment, I find that a good way to calm myself down is to remind myself of the things that I’m grateful for in my life. It’s so easy to let your anxiety consume you and to get fed up with constantly feeling on edge, that’s why it’s so important to remind yourself that it’s not all bad before it’s all gets on top of you. For example, think about how much fun you’re going to have at the weekend with your friends or think about how lucky you are to have your partner in your life.

Listen to Music

Studies have proven that music can be a good distraction for people who suffer from anxiety because it reduces pain. Music is my personal go-to for either calming myself down or getting my emotions going. If you’re in a public place and need a quick fix to calm down, listening to some positive music can help. If you’re feeling generally down, you may need to listen to some soppy ballads to get the tears going so you can let it all out and get back to being badass. My favourite way to use this anxiety-calming technique though is to listen to music that makes me feel more confident. My anxiety personally comes on when I feel self-conscious, so putting on a powerful girl anthem or something along those lines may be the winner for you.

Imagine your goals

If you’re feeling stressed out about the present, imagine the future. Thinking about the end goal can make the stress and anxiety that you’re going through now all seem worth it. Have a moment at work? Think about what you’re going to spend your money on.

Go For a Walk

Research has shown that surrounding yourself with nature can have a significant positive effect on stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling overwhelmed pop out for a walk in nature at your local park or field or just pop out on your work break. Better yet, take the dog with you and then have a cuddle with your pet when you get back which can help ease your mind too. Also, why not bring the outdoors inside by decorating with plants and flowers so that your home is exactly how it should be – a calming environment for you.

Do Some Writing

Yes, talking to someone about your problems helps, but writing your problems down can get them off your chest too. Journaling is very popular for this very reason. Maybe you can write your blog post…


Has anyone ever wanted to just go to sleep simply so that they can stop feeling for a bit? This is a very valid reason to want to either go to bed early or have a nap and both are beneficial. It’s great to give yourself some chill-out time to rest your brain and sleeping counts.

Remind Yourself That It’s All In Your Head

Try not to freak out when the anxiety or paranoia sets in and try not to treat people differently as a result of it. Take a few seconds to just breathe and remind yourself that you’re not thinking realistically right now and then use one of these tips to take you back down to a more chilled-out level.

Next time you’re confronted with a situation that you think might wake your anxiety, evaluate which of these tips would best work for the situation you’re in.

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