Top 10 Brain Foods
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Top 10 Brain Foods

Have you ever wondered what the best brain foods are? If you haven’t thought about it yet, first stop and think about it. And it is if we had to identify the place where the ego of the people is, surely we would place it in the brain. That organ where the storage of memories takes place, the one that gives meaning to everything we perceive from the outside world; the place where the voluntary acts of our life are decided and ordered. For all this and for many more reasons, we must be concerned that our brain is in the best possible condition, food being a fundamental aspect to achieve this goal.

So take good note of how these brain foods will help you. We started!

The best foods for the brain
We analyze which are the best foods for the brain according to their contribution of nutrients to the brain.

1. The avocado
This fruit (or vegetable) is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats, high in vitamin E, and lowers blood pressure and inflammation. In addition, its high iron content helps transport oxygen in the blood:

2. The blue fish
Oily fish is rich in iron and essential fatty acids such as omega 3, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. And not only that, fish is also a good source of phosphorus, a mineral related to improving memory. So if you’re looking for brain and memory foods, go for the fish!

3. Olive oil
Like avocado and oily fish, olive oil is also rich in fatty acids and iron.

4. Broccoli and green cabbages
Broccoli and green cabbages provide sulforaphane. This is an antioxidant with neuroprotective properties that helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. In addition, this compound also helps prevent other diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

5. Pork or beef liver
We include in this list pork or beef liver due to its high iron content, helping the transport of oxygen in the blood.

6. Soy
Soy is another of those brain foods that we should note due to its also high iron content.

7. Dried fruits
Without a doubt, nuts stand out when we talk about foods for the brain and memory, and that is because they are rich in certain minerals that are very beneficial for memory and that also allow the exchange of nutrients with the blood capillaries to take place correctly. In addition, nuts are rich in healthy fats Find out more about them in our article on the benefits of nuts.

8. The tomato
The tomato has one of the best antioxidants for the body, lycopene: known for being able to reach the macula of the eye.

9. The infusions
The infusions made with different types of tea, especially green tea, also have a large amount of antioxidants.

10. Watermelon and strawberries
In general, almost all brightly colored fruits, rich in carotenes and anthocyanins, also have wonderful antioxidant properties. This is the case of watermelons and strawberries.

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