Top 10 tips to Prevent hair Fall
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Top 10 tips to Prevent hair Fall

Hair fall is one of the increasing concerns of today’s times. Thanks to our sedentary lifestyle and the increasing pollution around us our hair is specifically in very bad shape. As a result, we all suffer from hair fall. Now, hair fall is quite common among all of us. Daily we all lose a minimum number of hair strands but when you start losing a lot then it can become a serious cause of worry.

Thus, without further delay let’s have a look at the following tips to prevent hair fall

1. Oil Regularly

This is very important to take care of your hair. Oil is like food to your hair. Thus, make sure that you give your hair the correct food and nutrient it deserves. Try to oil before you shampoo every time.

2. Keep it Clean

Dust and dirt can make your hair really dirty. And dirty hair will definitely increase hair fall. Thus, make it a point to keep your hair clean. And thus keep shampooing it twice a week so that your hair is clean of any infections or dirt.

3. Cover it

Because of the pollution and dirt, the hair fall is quite common. Thus, whenever you are travelling outdoors try to cover your hair. Keep a light cotton scarf and use it always to cover your hair.

4. Tie your hair

Don’t keep your hair open always. Open hair attracts a lot of dust and dirt. And thus don’t keep it open always. Tie it in a ponytail or just make a bun, but try to keep your hair enclosed.

5. Don’t tie your hair too tight

Don’t tie your hair too tight. Tight hair causes unnecessary friction and thus it might cause hair fall and sometimes it also causes pain in the head. Thus, try to keep your hair loose. The best is to keep them tied in a bun.

6. Trim Your Hair

You need to trim your hair regularly. Remove split ends from your hair and thus as per your hair growth trim your hair once every 2 months. This will keep your hair ends healthy and thus it will reduce hair fall to a great extent.

7. Eat Healthy

You should maintain a good healthy diet if you want to take care of your hair. Try to include more and more proteins in your diet. A healthy diet will bring out healthy hair.

8. Exercise

Your hair must receive a good blood flow to grow properly. Without that, your hair cannot be healthy. If the blood circulation is not proper on your scalp then the hair loss might be quite evident. Thus, try to exercise at least 40 minutes every day to reduce your hair fall.

9. Cold Shower

Always try to maintain a distance from hot water for your hair. Hot water is your hair’s biggest enemy. It will cause tremendous hair fall. Thus, use cold water only to keep your hair healthy and shiny. You will notice that your hair fall will also reduce with cold water.

10. Use satin pillow covers

Also, your sleeping style determines your hair fall. Thus, use satin pillow covers as they cause minimum friction and thus will reduce your hair fall to a great extent.

So, the above given are some of the very easy tips and tricks which will help you to reduce your hair fall in a noticeable way. But you must remember that reducing hair fall is not an overnight process. It is a slow and gradual process and it will take time to show results. Thus, please be patient when following the above tips.


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