Weight Loss Hypnotherapy for Permanent Weight Loss
Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy for Permanent Weight Loss

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy for Permanent Weight Loss


Some women have this idea that all they have to do is expertise one hypnosis weight loss session and the pounds will begin just melt off their body.

Hypnosis Weight Loss Myths

First let’s talk about the big hypnosis myth.

The big hypnosis myth is that hypnosis puts a person’s mind in to a hyper-attentive state where it becomes very open to suggestion. As a result a person does things in a state of hypnosis that they normally wouldn’t do.

This hypnosis myth is a result of people that go to stage hypnosis shows and watching people seemingly do strange and bizarre things, things that they wouldn’t normally do.

But this simply isn’t true.

Hypnosis can’t make you do things you don’t want to do. Period.

You are always in control of everything you do in hypnosis.

So a hypnotist cannot “make” you lose weight. It’s simply not possible.

How Does Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Work?

Now after saying that weight loss hypnotherapy cannot “make” you lose weight you need to realize that nothing can MAKE you lose weight.

Unless you are starving in a concentration camp, there is nothing outside of yourself that will result in permanent weight loss.

You need to commit to a long term healthy eating and living program in order to experience permanent weight loss.

This is where weight loss hypnotherapy can help.

Weight loss hypnosis can be a powerful ally in helping you establish and stick to a healthy eating and living program.

It does this by shifting the way you think about eating and exercise.

What is a Healthy Eating and Living Program?

A healthy eating and living program contains three critical factors that every weight loss guru will tell you are needed for permanent weight loss and management.

These three factors are:

1. Eating healthy food,

2. Eating smaller portions and…

3. Exercising regularly

If you do these three things you will lose weight.

How Most Women Try to Lose Weight

Most women try losing weight by going on crash diets. As you know a crash diet consists of drastically restricting your calorie intake for several weeks.

While in the short run this can make it appear like you’re losing a lot of weight, the truth is not only is this an unhealthy way to lose weight (because you are mostly losing muscle mass rather than fat) it also causes a yo-yo effect where gradually you go back to your old eating habits and end up even bigger than you were before.

Dieting doesn’t work for permanent weight loss.

Why Food Seems to Control You

The reason food can seem to control you is because much of how you think about food has been engrained in your subconscious or emotional brain since you were a small child.

For example, were you told to eat everything that’s on your plate, regardless of how much is on there? If you are like most people in theU.S.you probably were.

While your parents may have had the best intentions, the sad truth is that the portions they were feeding you were sometimes far too large for your dietary requirements. This may have caused you to regularly overeat.

Were you refused seconds if there was still food left over? This can become a subconscious need for you to clear any plate put in front of you regardless of how hungry you are.

Another reason why people tend to overeat is down to the way they feel about themselves. This is also a result of early childhood experiences.

Maybe you had a bad day or you fell down and your mom or grandmother would give you a piece of candy, or a piece of chocolate. This would make you feel better, at least for a little while.

Fast forward to today and you have a bad day so you reach for a piece of candy, or a piece of chocolate. It still makes you feel better, at least temporally. The problem is it is often more than one piece.

Women who feel sad and blue or depressed often use binge eating as a coping method. Again this is a coping method for dealing with these feelings.

Using Weight Loss Hypnotherapy to Shift Your Thoughts about Food

Until you deal with your core problem at a subconscious level no amount of dieting in the world is going to help you to lose weight. You will still reach for food when you feel sad and blue or when you want to feel better.

In order to experience permanent weight loss you have to shift how you think about food.

This is an excellent way to use weight loss hypnotherapy. By scheduling a series of appointments with a hypnotherapist you can shift your self image and how you approach food.

Using Weight Loss Hypnosis Recordings

If visiting a hypnotherapist doesn’t appeal to you there are also numerous self-hypnosis audio packages available that will help you achieve the super-relaxed state of mind to the point where it becomes open to suggestions via the calm voice on the CD or DVD. This works for many people who are either busy or have a more limited budget.

Hypnosis Can Be Used for More than Weight Loss

While hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help with weight loss, hypnotherapy can also help combat the depressed feeling some people feel about themselves and helps them perceive themselves in a more positive light.

Just feeling better about yourself can go a long way toward shifting your thinking about healthy eating and living.

Hypnosis for Permanent Weight Loss

While crash diets can work in the short run they are not permanent weight loss. There are no weight loss diets available that target psychological problems that are often behind over eating. This is when it comes to permanent weight loss so many people are deciding to use weight loss hypnotherapy.

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