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Is it hard to decide what your skin needs? Especially when the market is flooded with a gazillion products of different or mixed constituents. Don’t worry, this blog sums up, the purpose and function of 5 wonder products-

  • Vitamin C
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Collagen
  • Retinol
  • Chemical exfoliants

and makes it convenient for you to decide what does your skin needs? And which of them will fulfil your purpose.

Remember whatever your pick is, be consistent in using and give the product time to show the results.

What does your skin need?

Listing- “What does your Skin needs?”


Purpose– Vitamin C works well with concerning issues of dark spots, marks, and dull skin. It brings back a healthy toned complexion with the effects of brightening and increasing skin elasticity.
Function-Considering the topical application, it is water-soluble and hence works on the surface of your skin with anti-ageing properties and provides clear and healthier skin.
Skin type– Vitamin C is efficient for all skin types. People with sensitive skin must top it up with a good moisturizer and sunscreen as it can make skin photosensitive.
Pair with moisturizer/serum, sunscreen
Note – we get inspired by many DIYs of using direct lemon juice etc directly on our skin. But this can be harmful too as there is no balanced concentration of vitamin c present in them. Therefore, always prefer balanced products.


Purpose– Hyaluronic acid helps in resolving the issue of dry and dehydrated skin instantly. With its ability to store moisture it aims at providing supple soft skin simultaneously targeting the wrinkles too.
Function-It is a humectant like glycerine that absorbs moisture from the surroundings and retains water in the skin cells. Also, provides youthful skin, and increases skin elasticity.
Skin type– Hyaluronic acid is suitable for all skin types, also one of the best products to use in humid weather.
Pair with -Thick moisturizer for water absorption.
Note– As mentioned, its work is to retain water from the surroundings, so people living in dry areas won’t gain many benefits from this until they use it with a good moisturizer.


Purpose- Collagen is abandoned in our body but as we age the collagen production reduces leading to saggy and dull skin and the appearance of wrinkles reduces.
Function- The work of collagen is to aim at fine lines and wrinkles, speeds up wound healing, acne scars
Skin type- All skin types can use it.
Pair with- moisturizer
Note- It’s more efficient to consume collagen rather than the application of products with it. Collagen is like a protein that works from within the body so the topical application can be less effective. But if you wish to use collagen-concentrated products start in your mid-30s.


Purpose- If you aim to not only delay the ageing process but also reverse it then look for the retinol-induced products. Retinol is also a great component for the healing and repair of skin.
Function-With the proven studies, retinol works to prevent skin from ageing. It also provides protection and reverses sun damage. With the constant use of retinol, the skin becomes clear, smooth, and brighter. Moreover, it hydrates the skin and boosts collagen too.
Skin type- Suitable for all skin types, especially for damaged and dehydrated skin.
Pair with– Serum and moisturizer.
Note- Not suitable to be used during pregnancy. It is advised to use retinol products at night for more effective results.


Chemical exfoliators include products with AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs and these are among some widely used products these days. Chemical Exfoliation is the process where acids are used to get rid of dead skin cells, blackheads /whiteheads, acne, etc.
To have detailed information on chemical exfoliators

Hope this blog made it easy for you to decide what your skin needs and which products can be of help.

Thank You!

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