Why sleep is important and how to sleep better

Why sleep is important and how to sleep better

Try to walk while reading this blog and burn some calories. In this blog, we will discuss why sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle with some tips to sleep better at night for maximum benefits and take our fat loss journey to the next level.

Let’s face the truth. We all want to live a healthy, fit and happy life. Right? So what are the actions? Obviously daily physical activities and a healthy diet. The Internet is flooded with various fat loss exercises and tons of healthy food recommendations. But I think, we are missing another important factor which is proper rest for the mind and body. So let’s discuss.

Why sleep is important?

1. Detoxification

Do you know why we rush to the bathroom immediately after waking up? It is because our body detoxifies itself at night which helps to remove toxins from the body in the form of urine and stool in the morning. Can you imagine our health condition if this will not happen as expected because of insufficient sleep?

2. Muscle building & Fat loss

When we workout, our muscle fibre gets broken down because of external heavyweight but do you know when our body repairs these muscles to make them stronger. Yes, during our sleep. In case of insufficient sleep, our muscle will not get fully recovered which affects our muscle building and fat loss goal

3. Proper rest of mind

Have you ever noticed, that sometimes we feel headaches after insufficient sleep? It is because the cells in our mind haven’t got proper rest which causes unnecessary headaches and also affects our productivity the next day. So proper deep quality sleep is a good way to give rest to those brain cells and make them stronger.

4. Improve productivity and concentration

Let’s face it, our mind works all the time because we think a lot about our work, career, day-to-day activities and many more. During our sleep, the muscle and cells present in our mind take rest which helps them to work efficiently and improve concentration in work and study.

There are many more benefits like the above bullet points of proper rest for the body and mind. So now let’s discuss how to sleep better at night for all these benefits and also some simple bedtime habits. Before that remember the amount of rest depends on your workout level and stress level. Higher stress and more physical activities require more rest than others to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Tips to sleep better at night

1. Avoid mobile and electronics gadgets in bed

The blue light from our mobile has a direct impact on our brain and hormone which induces sleep. So our brain keeps alert which disturbs our sleep cycle. Try to avoid mobile before bedtime. Our health is much more important than scrolling on social media. Isn’t it?

2. Walk for sometime after dinner

A short walk after dinner helps our body to feel tired and helps us to sleep better at night. You can also use this time to listen to your favourite song, talk with your loved one and many more. A short walk after dinner also helps to improve digestion.

3. Make the bed-room dark

Research shows that a completely dark room promotes deep quality sleep. Darkroom induces sleep hormones, so try to avoid any kind of light in the room to get a good night’s rest. Try to switch off all the light bulbs in your bedroom and make sure that no outside light or noise enters it.

4. Use a comfortable mattress and pillow

It is obvious that our environment plays an important role in our sleep. A comfortable mattress and pillow help us to sleep better without any disturbance in between. Try to use a good quality mattress and pillow.

These are some simple habits which help us to complete a  good night’s rest and make us productive for the next day. Remember quality sleep is much more important than quantity of sleep.

So these simple habits are some inexpensive ways than depending on those expensive sleeping pills. Isn’t it? Which habits do you like the most and are going to follow from today for your good night’s sleep? Comment below.

You can also try some physical activities under 5 minutes in your daytime mentioned in our blog to live a healthy life and also these exercises make you feel tired and help you to take rest in no time.


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