How Love and Relationships Affect Health

How Love and Relationships Affect Health

Of course, there are many advantages to falling in love, as well as using the best international dating site. Our soulmates support us in difficult moments and run with us a long-awaited marathon throughout our whole life. But there are also a number of quite scientific reasons why healthy relationships may well affect our lives.

It makes us happier

If you have someone with whom you feel good, you will be happier. According to some studies, being a couple, people’s organism produces the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for feelings of happiness. That’s why your mood immediately rises if you are next to your soulmate. Agree that it is better if there is someone who can make you feel good.

It can prolong our life

Opinions about this argument diverge until now. The conducted study showed that people in marriage were happier than single ones. This theory immediately met with resistance. Nevertheless, after long battles, scientists came to the conclusion that good emotions can prolong your life. The main thing is that you want to live this happy time together.

It will help us overcome age transformation

Ageing alone is definitely not a sign of luck. If you have someone to share this difficult process with, then you are already happier than single people or those who had unsuccessful relationships. In addition, in successful marriages, people’s health is better even at an older age.

It helps relieve stress

Our soulmates help us endure troubles more easily and treat bad things with humour. A study by scientists from one of the Universities of the USA showed that the production of cortisol was less in people who were happy in love than in those who didn’t have a soulmate. This is because partners always support each other.

It improves our mental health

California researchers state that if you have a couple, then, compared to alone people, the risk of getting a mental illness is reduced. The results prove that this state is especially confirmed by people with non-traditional sexual orientation. Even if you suffer from a mental disorder, the reliability of a loved one will always help.

It helps feel less pain

The research proved that very loving people experienced less physical pain when looking at photographs of their significant others than people whose hearts don’t belong to someone. It’s all about dopamine, which produces its own pain relievers. Don’t forget this the next time you hit your pinky toe by the table.

It can help prevent heart diseases

The heart is a metaphorical symbol of love, but it turns out that the state of joy has a positive impact on its condition. Married people had a lower risk of having heart diseases than those who were not in relationships. Scientists explain this by the fact that our significant others usually motivate us to go to a doctor more often and carefully monitor our health.

It will help us sleep better

Try to close your eyes to snoring for the sake of this argument! Even if your soulmate likes grabbing a blanket at night, you will still sleep better than alone. A number of studies have proved that the presence of a lover reduces the level of cortisol and that is why you fall asleep more quickly, and your sleep becomes deeper.

It will help us get better soon

Good emotions associated with our significant others can literally “heal” wounds. The research showed that a happy couple is recovering together faster than those who have to overcome the disease alone. For such an advantage, we say thank you to oxytocin which reduces the level of stress. So, the good sides are obvious here.

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