5 Self Care Tips for Breastfeeding Mother
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5 Self Care Tips for Breastfeeding Mother

Self-care for breastfeeding is essential between busy caring for babies, but few breastfeeding mothers ignore their own care. In fact, self-care for breastfeeding mothers is an important thing to maintain their physical and mental health.

After giving birth, nursing mothers will enter the puerperal phase. The body’s recovery process at this stage can generally cause discomfort. Thus, caring for breastfeeding mothers is very important because in this phase, besides being busy breastfeeding, breastfeeding mothers’ minds will focus on the health and care of their babies.

This moment can certainly drain a lot of energy. If it is not accompanied by physical and mental strength, nursing mothers will be more prone to experiencing baby blues, anxiety, and postpartum depression.

Self-Care Tips for Breastfeeding Mothers

To have healthy physical and mental health and avoid postpartum health problems, nursing mothers need to take care of themselves. Self-care is not just massage, manicure, or spa, but also adopting a healthy lifestyle. The following are self-care tips that breastfeeding mothers need to apply:

1. Eat Nutritious Foods

Breastfeeding mothers are always advised to consume healthy foods to keep the body energized. Choose foods high in nutrients, such as meat, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, or nuts.

Don’t forget to consume milk or dairy products that are free or low in fat and contain high calcium. Also, make sure that breastfeeding mothers drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Pay attention to eating, so busy taking care of the baby doesn’t make breastfeeding mothers forget to eat. In addition to nursing, mothers’ energy needs, consuming nutritious foods, and adequate fluid intake are also needed to produce breast milk.

2. Adequate Rest Time

Taking care of the baby will certainly take up time for the mother to breastfeed; thus, there will be less rest time. This, of course, can make nursing mothers tired and not concentrate when taking care of the baby. However, in the midst of this busy life, make sure you are breastfeeding you with sufficient rest time.

As much as possible, sleep when the baby is sleeping. That way, breastfeeding mothers will have added enough sleep time.

Breastfeeding mothers are advised to turn off cellphones and lights before going to bed or do activities that can form a better quality sleep, for example listening to songs or drinking chamomile tea.

3. Get Some Exercise

Take time to exercise. Breastfeeding mothers are free to choose any sport they like. However, it’s best to do sports with only light or moderate intensity, such as walking or yoga.

Breastfeed or pump breast milk first before starting exercise. Also, make sure that breastfeeding mothers wear the right bras and shower after exercising. Regular exercise will make the body more relaxed and energized and relieve aches.

4. Do Activities You Like

Set aside time to do activities you like (me time), for example, meditating, preparing a new food menu, watching movies, gardening, or just drinking a cup of tea on the porch. Nursing mothers can also do self-care, such as cream baths, face masks, scrubs, or beautify nails.

In addition to shaping the body to relax, doing activities you like will also increase your mood. As a result, breastfeeding mothers will be more enthusiastic about caring for their babies. When doing this activity, nursing mothers can entrust the baby to their partner or other family members.

5. Join to Breastfeeding Community

Join a community of breastfeeding mothers. From here, breastfeeding mothers can expand their knowledge about breastfeeding and care for babies and exchange stories. Being in this community also makes breastfeeding mothers and other members strengthen and support each other.

Being physically and mentally healthy is the key to successful breastfeeding and caring for babies. Don’t hesitate to ask your partner and other family members for help if a nursing mother feels overwhelmed in taking care of the baby. Therefore, make sure to always carry out proper self-care for nursing mothers.


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